Border Sessions 2017 is looking for volunteers!
Border Sessions is a yearly technology conference that aims to kick-start and fuel innovative ideas and experiments with a strong focus on multidisciplinary projects. It invites authors, engineers, scientists, designers, artists and many more to share their knowledge of technology and how it can lead to positive change in society. This year will be the biggest Border Sessions yet with not just two, but three days of fascinating talks, workshops and labs!

We would like you to join our Border Sessions team to make these three days the most amazing Border Sessions days yet.

We are looking for: Friendly team players with a hands-on mentality who know how to welcome and assist guests, make the best sandwiches in the world, or are great at making sure that the festival locations look perfect!

We offer you:  A chance to be part of an inspiring festival, meet new people, and attend some fascinating sessions! You will also get our awesome Border Sessions t-shirt and an invitation to the after party. Lastly, Border Sessions is affiliated with the international music and literature festival Crossing Border that takes place in November in The Hague. You will get a free ticket!

Ready to be part of the Border Sessions team? Please fill out the registration form and we will get in touch with you soon!  

Esther & Emma

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We are hoping you can be there on multiple days! We need most people on the actual festival days (Wednesday June 28, Thursday June 19 and Friday June 30) so it would be especially great if you could be there on one of those days.

If you can only be there part of a day, please let us know in the comment section at the end of the registration form.

We ask you to reserve Wednesday June 21 (17.00-18.00) for the volunteer meeting at Theater aan het Spui. Will this be a problem?

We will let you know on that date what you have to do during the festival, you will get a tour of the festival locations, receive your T-shirt and meet the rest of the team.
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